Canadian Experience

May 1976 to June 1990


Jan. ’87 to June ‘90

Mobil Oil & Alberta Energy [Calgary, Alberta, Canada]

  • Company: Oil Exploration, Gas Exploration, Pulp & Paper Processing
  • Position: Supervisor, Data Centre
  • Responsibilities:
    • Supervised staff of 12 who were responsible for the operation & technical support of the company’s mainframe & Unix systems
    • Mainframe & DASD performance monitoring and capacity planning
    • Hardware recommendations & implementation
    • Software recommendations & installation
    • Budget accountability CDN 3 million
  • Position: Supervisor, Technical Support (15 months)
  • Responsibilities:
    • Supervised staff of 12 who were responsible for the technical support of the company’s supercomputer, mainframe & Unix systems
    • Implemented Mainframe & Unix security policies/procedures/software
    • Capacity planning
    • Hardware & software recommendations
    • Technical strategy
    • Budget accountability CDN 1.5 million.

Dec. ’84 to Dec. ‘86

Cantel Inc [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

  • Company: Mobile Telephone Carrier
  • Position: Manager, Technical Support & Acting Manager, Application Development
  • Responsibilities:
    • Managed full-time staff of 4 plus a number of software companies and suppliers
    • Established all operating systems and software for the company’s new mainframe systems (IBM systems using VM, MVS & DOS/VSE)
    • Coordinated systems integration of minicomputer systems with the Ericsson Exchange Switches (data upload & download) and the telecom billing system software
    • Coordinated project to migrate telecom billing system software from DOS/VSE to MVS/SP
    • Ensured all software systems fully operational the date the company ‘launched’ its service
    • Assisted MIS Director in preparation of 5 year IT Strategic Plan
    • Prepared recommendation for migration of systems to parent company’s systems (when Cantel was acquired by Rogers Cable)
    • Budget accountability CDN 1.1 million.

May ’78 to Nov. ‘84

Prentice-Hall Canada Inc. [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

  • Company: Canada’s leading producer of text books for the school, college & university markets
  • Position: Manager, Computer Services
  • Responsibilities:
    • Started with Prentice-Hall as a computer operator & programmer when it was run by a service bureau
    • Held various positions in this service bureau until September 1982 when I was appointed IT Manager by Prentice-Hall to repatriated all systems from the service bureau to an in-house operation at Prentice-Hall
    • Hired all staff; built data centre; budgeted and recommended all hardware & software; developed IT strategic plans
    • Implemented database systems (Model 204) and coordinated all development efforts
    • Implemented LAN & some of the first 3270 PC systems in Canada
    • Managed staff of 16
    • Budget accountability CDN 700,000 (not including capital budget).

Jan. ’77 to Apr. ‘78

Workers Compensation Board [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

  • Company: Federal Government organization responsible for providing insurance to employers for employees.
  • Position: Senior Computer Operator
  • Responsibilities:
    • Computer operator for IBM mainframe systems (VM, CMS, OS/VS1, DOS/VS, POWER/VS, and CICS/BTAM)
    • Promoted from an Intermediate to a Senior Computer Operator within a very short space of time.

May to Dec. 1976

Canada Packers [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

  • Company: Meat packing and processing.
  • Position: Computer Operator
  • Responsibilities:
    • Computer operator for IBM mainframe systems (OS/VS1).