New Day New Life NGO

January 2015 to January 2019


New Day New Life was a non-profit Christian organization that began as a response to seeing first-hand the unmet needs of the poorest elderly in the remote areas of Cambodia.  It operated from late 2015 till September 2019.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a developing nation that does not have any social welfare programs for the elderly. Furthermore, the people of Cambodia are still suffering the lasting effects of the Khmer Rouge Regime. Many of these poor elderly lost their family members, live in isolation, and are suffering from illness, poverty, and discrimination and therefore unable to meet even their most basic of needs.

After taking a team to interview these elderly people, and seeing the helplessness and hopelessness of the poorest elderly, the Director Ms. Maria Thyda Rath developed a strong conviction to find a way to restore and uphold their human value, their sense of dignity, respect, and love by improving their quality of life.

Paul’s Accomplishments

I started doing volunteer work for New Day New Life from it’s earliest days (in 2015) in roles such as food distribution, house building, developing their website and social media sites, sending newsletter to supporters and donors, fundraising, establishing and managing their donation management system (using Donorbox and PayPal) and also IT support for the office and office staff. 

Helping the Poorest Elderly in Cambodia