Paul Hughes in Isolation

Reports and Publications

Paul is an accomplished communicator and has written a broad range of documents from technical papers through to reports used for members of the board and stakeholders.

Kingdom of Cambodia

New Day New Life 

  • Annual Reports
  • IT Policies and Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Media releases
  • Newsletters to Donors and Supporters

Khalibre Pty Ltd

  • Numerous job descriptions
  • White Papers – Power of eLearning for Cross-Cultural Field Workers
  • Product Roadmaps for eLearning SaaS Platform
  • Product architecture & use case diagrams
  • Weekly Sprint & Epic Planning Documents
  • Learning Management System Requirements Documents for two major clients
  • Platform Model – Infrastructure and Core Components
  • eLearning System – Business Requirements Documents
  • Development Staff – One year resource planning forecast
  • Migration Plans for major software upgrade
  • B2B and B2C Life Cycle Architecture for eLearning SaaS Platform
  • Recommendation for Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Payment Processing – Revised Strategy and Approaches

HOPE International School

  • Numerous job descriptions
  • Board Report – Recommendations & Requirements for becoming a charity
  • IT Strategic Planning & Budgets
  • HOPE North IT Infrastructure – Project Plans and Budgets
  • Public Relations – Fundraising Campaigns

Digital Divide Data

  • Laptop Policies and Procedures
  • Internet Security and Usage Policies
  • Data Archive Policy
  • Data Security Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Staff Resource Planning and Budget Forecasts
  • Monthly Budgets and Forecast reports by Project
  • Numerous Job Descriptions
  • Organization Restructure for Operations Group

New Zealand

Practical Education Institute Ltd (New Plymouth

  • IT Three Year Strategic Plan
  • System Architecture for Student Management & e-Learning System
  • Blended Learning Computer Infrastructure – Strategy and RFQ
  • ISO 9001 Accredited Operations and QC/QA Manuals – Operations Procedures Manuals, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manuals

Gullivers Pacific (Auckland, New Zealand)

  • PC Facilities Management Requirements’ and ‘Service Level Agreements
  • GuIDECS – Executive Overview’ – Gullivers Information Distribution and Electronic Commerce System – Executive Overview
  • GuIDECS – System Architecture’ – Gullivers Information Distribution and Electronic Commerce System – Strategic Plan and System Architecture
  • PC Implementation Plan’ (for over 160 travel agency shops across NZ)
  • GuIDECS Implementation Budget’ – AU$8mm budget for implementation of PCs for 162 shops throughout New Zealand
  • WAN Communications’ Request for Quotation
  • PC Hardware and Software’ Request for Quotation
  • Application Integration Design Notes’ (Tour wholesale, Ticketing, Accounting, Front & Back Office, and Airline CRS)


Oil & Gas Industry (Calgary, Canada)

Cantel Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

  • Data Centre Migration Strategy
  • Human Resources Documents
  • ACF2 Security Documentation
  • Operations and Technical Support Documentation
  • Data Centre Hardware: RFP

Prentice-Hall Canada Inc (Toronto, Canada)

  • Revised Short Range IT Strategic Plan: 1984
  • Security Systems Study
  • Data Administration Charter


Promisant Ltd

  • Global Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing – Payment Architecture for the Airline Industry
  • Global Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing – Overview of system capabilities
  • System Architecture for Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing for Airline Web Sites, GDS and Travel Agencies
  • Proposal for the provision of Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing Capabilities
  • Credit Card Processing System Integration: Business Requirements Definition and System Architecture

Ergon Energy

  • Travel Management Blueprint
  • Corporate Travel Management Self Booking System – Business Requirements & System Specifications
  • Corporate Travel Policies and Travel Safety / Security Guidelines

Adventist Retirement Villages

  • Lotus Notes – Admission & Nursing Care Management System

ABEX Management

  • VPN Recommendation, Budget & Implementation Strategies

QSI Payments

  • Sabre Merchant Pay – Bank Emulator: Application Design Specification
  • Sabre Merchant Pay – Billing System Functional Requirements Document
  • Sabre Merchant Pay – Functional Requirements Specification
  • Sabre Merchant Pay – Merchant Administration Requirements: Application Design Spec.
  • Product Specification – GDS Payment Portal
  • Product Specification – Airline Enterprise Payment Portal
  • Position Paper – Multi-acquirer and multi-currency requirements

Gladstone Area Water Board

  • Information Systems Strategic Plan – 1999 to 2001: Executive Summary
  • Information Systems Strategic Plan – 1999 to 2001: Technical Architecture

Department of State Development

  • Business Online – Technical Architecture

Federal Airports Corporation

  • Corporate Information Systems Restructure – Airport Privatisation Information Systems Decentralisation Architecture for 2nd Stage Airports

Flight Centre Ltd

  • System Analysis & Design Documentation for Corporate Travel System
  • Flight Centre – IT 3 Year Strategic Plan
  • Macintosh versus PCs – Comprehensive Evaluation & Case Studies with Travel Agents
  • Ticket Centre Systems Architecture Recommendations
  • Wide Area Network Selection And Implementation Recommendation
  • Corporate Shop System Functional Specification
  • Voice / Fax Integration Strategies
  • Information Technology Budgets
  • Information Technology’s 7 Year Vision for Flight Centre


Abacus International (Singapore)

  • ‘Abacus Interactive – Membership System Business Requirements and Architecture’
  • ‘Abacus Interactive – E-business and E-commerce Requirements and Architecture’
  • ‘Abacus Interactive – Hotel Retail System Business Requirements’

Asia Travel Network (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  • Technical Architecture & Implementation Strategy for Looking and Booking Airfares System


Hewlett-Packard (Grenoble, France)

  • Help Desk and User Support Processes – Manual Systems, Automated Systems and Self-Help Systems

Hewlett-Packard GmbH (Boeblingen, Germany)

  • Crisis Management Planning for Y2K Rollover Period
  • Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning for Y2K Rollover Period

IATA (Geneva, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia)

  • LAN Implementation – Feasibility and Budgets
  • Data Processing Centre Budgets
  • Software Development Budgets
  • Standard Software Development – System Abstract
  • PC Implementation Standards
  • LAN Implementation Guidelines
  • Requests for Quotation (numerous)
  • Problem Management: Procedures
  • Change Control: Procedures
  • Request for Service: Procedures
  • Human Resources: Job Descriptions & Objectives
  • Office Automation Network: Architecture and Implementation
  • Board Reports to IATA Australia Airline Members